Green dream! – What is in store for 2020?

Sage halo – image by Libelle Photographie

“Sustainable, Ethical products, with the emphasis on organic and natural”

At Wild Thistle Photography props, we believe in providing unique, handmade props, using organic products where possible.

Most of our packaging is made out of recycled or recyclable materials. We are carrying that over to our props. Our dried and preserved products are made using natural methods that are toxin free and baby safe. Our preserved flora will last years if looked after properly.

For 2020, I want to make more of our (Pure & Simple} collection. This collection is simply that. Pure, simple ingredients for a timeless look, with a product that lasts!

We will also be offering a small selection of naturally preserved greens for you to use in your shoots, your studio and your home.

“Our preserved greens, will be available in letterbox format on the website, straight after New year”


Beautifully organic cake smash – By Little Loves photography

I was so pleased when Katie, at Little Loves photography, based in South Wootton, Norfolk put in an order for a cake topper, as I know Katie’s style is very similar to my own. Katie loves fresh greens and rustic, organic shades, as well as loving things with a bright modern edge.

Katie, thanks so much for sharing these images with us over at Wild Thistle props, proper heart eyes today here for them!

©Little Loves photography



I was even more delighted when I found out the cake topper was for her very own daughter’s shoot. This gorgeous little girl looked amazing in our pale Eucalyptus flower crown. The outfit just looks perfect!

©Little Loves photography



Our Peony & Rosemary cake topper teamed with this naked cake is just a match made in heaven!

Perfect for styled birthday shoots. These Botanical cake toppers add a modern, bang on trend look

Botanical faux succulent, trailing Rosemary,Peony, eucalyptus and leaf detailing. The design of this is intended to be quite bold & oversized, although on a larger or taller cake it will look smaller.

©Little Loves photography



Kitty's News

{Sunshine & Dreams) My Wild Collection halo

{Sunshine & Dreams)

My Wild Collection halo by Wild Thistle photography props


My Wild collection, came about due to my love of nature & inspired by nature. My family love nothing more than being outdoors and enjoying the world around us. Living in Ayrshire, we are lucky to have much beauty only a short drive away.. As a hobby I like to photography plants and flowers, as a passion I fill my home with them. It was simply evolution that this will spill out in to my work.

I hand select all the flowers, foliage and bits and pieces for these collection halo’s and I add a touch of silk pretty. I also dry my own flowers for these pieces too.

These halo’s are perfect for Newborn photography sessions or Sitter and toddler shoots.


I was so over the moon when Danya, from Danya Gray photography sent me this image. It was almost exactly how I wanted it to look in my head, except better. Danya is based in Paisley so is only a few miles from me.  Hopefully soon we can meet up for coffee and discuss all our ideas we keep swapping via Instagram message. I am lucky to have the best customers, and to be able to do what I love for job.

Sunshine & dreams halo, is part of an ever growing collection, which I hope to add to very soon. The collection can be found HERE


I hope you love as much as me






Wild Thistle props – a little about us

One from our family album


Wild Thistle was established in 2011,  by Lian & her uber talented Mum, aka Nana Kitty. Previously known as Kitty’s Boutique- styled session props until early 2017.

Nana Kitty, started off making props for her drama club, and was accepted in to Glasgow school of Art. Her love of knitting, sewing, crocheting and proper prop making was with her from a very early age. Nana K, also spent time running her own business making bespoke interiors & wedding dresses. It is at our romper collection, she now excels herself at, and makes all her own patterns.

Lian is a  mother of three, a lover of vintage & quirky. All our headbands and halos are made by her, as well as website updating, customer queries, custom ordering, product images, stock ordering, social media , packing..tying the final bows and all that jazz.



“My Wild” halo collection

We are very much a cottage industry business, we do not mass produce. Everything is made either by Lian, or her Mum.

We have limited custom order slots in the month. These are filled by talking to our customers, engaging with them and finding out what they like. We are lucky to be able to call some of our customers friends, although love getting to know our ever growing new customer base too!

It is important to us at Wild Thistle props, that our customers feel as though they are getting a unique item, which is crafted with love.



handmade, hand crafted, with hints of boho, bling or whimsy

Our collections include ;

Beautifully Boho collection, a range of props with a bohemian vibe.

The Opulence collection – hint of sparkle, bling, silks and just general opulence.

The “My Wild” halo range – props inspired by nature. Hand selected flora & foliage

Wild Thistle props, make props for newborns, children & occasionally adults.  We use premium quality fabrics & materials. Ethically sourced feathers , organic, environmentally friendly GOTS certified fabrics wherever possible.



So why the Name change?

We started Kitty’s Boutique in 2011, while Lian was on maternity leave. Over the years our product range has evolved and changed so much and we wanted something that would represent that.

We live in Ayrshire & are those kind of patriotic people who just love Scotland, we wanted something that would reflect this. We both bore easily and have been known to be a little bit wild with a soul of a bohemian…Again, the name reflects this.

Taken from our family album


Wild Thistle props – styled session photography props for seekers of the unique


“Storytelling without words” – a chat with Linzie Russo

“Labour of Love” headpiece


I caught up recently for a chat with Linzie Russo, Sunshine coast wedding & newborn photographer. Linzie has a unique way of image taking and her pictures have a way of telling a story to the viewer without words.


Timeless, elegant and creative storytelling

Your studio work and your outdoor/lifestyle work are equally awesome…which do you think you prefer?

Thank you! I love both and I chop and change my mind often. Newborns and younger babies are easier in the studio. But children and families I prefer the outdoors. It gives everyone a chance to relax and be themselves and it doesn’t feel so intrusive when photographing outside. I have a newborn outdoor session coming up soon, which I am excited about and hoping it will be a new love for me.

With regards to your more natural lifestyle work, what inspires you?

Capturing memories. I always think a photograph takes us back to a time that we might have forgotten about. But photographs will often remind you of those times. So when I am with families or children I try to keep it as real as possible because these are the days and moments we want to remember and treasure forever. It is always the little things we love; the chubby arm rolls, their curls that will eventually be cut out, the thumb sucker, the teeth coming in, the missing front teeth…so many things. I love to capture it all.


Are you a light chaser?

“Labour of Love” headpiece

OMG yes…I am a bit obsessed with the golden hour. Luckily for me I live in Australia in a place called the Sunshine Coast, the light is incredible. I am totally spoilt on a daily basis!

For studio work what is your can’t live without item?

Oh I don’t know to be honest. Camera is obvious. But I can sometimes just do a shoot with a baby, a cute outfit (Wild Thistle’s of course) and I am good to go.

What’s in your camera bag?

Two Canon 5d Mark iv’s, Canon 50mm 1.2, Canon 2.8 70 – 200mm, Canon 2.8 100mm macro, Sigma 1.4 35mm Art lens, a load of compact flash cards, extra batteries, lens cloths, paracetamol, light diffuser, and a Gorrilla Grip, water and chewing gum are wedding essentials for a long hot day!

What was the last image you edited? 

It was a shoot I did last night, I have started a cute, creative session idea called Wild & Free. I came up with idea after I did a shoot with your head bands and my daughter I called it Wild & Daisy. Then I thought it would be awesome to give other families the opportunity to have creative sessions for their child. Last night I used your flower crown and I am in love with it!

“My Wild” Autumn halo

I love that you found us and love our props so much!…Of course as a prop maker I’m interested to know, what do you look for in a prop?

I love pretty things. But I also like things a bit different. Since finding your work I have been so in love with it all. Your work is perfect for me and my style. Simple, yet creative and unique.

Thanks so much Linzie! What advice would your now self give your just starting out self?

Everything I have done now I would do again. But I wish I hadn’t waited till I had my daughter before getting into it. I studied photography straight from school and then travelled after college. So I never had the money to buy the equipment. I then got stuck in a job which I loved but knew it wasn’t forever and wish I had taken the plunge and been braver to get into back then. But maybe if I had I wouldn’t have been as good as I have had my children to practice on and they have inspired me daily to always be better than yesterday.

Favourite image you’ve taken?

There are so many and probably of my children. Can I tell you my top five? One is too hard! My children’s first time at the movies, Oscar in the street in April in the snow, Daisy in Portugal, both children walking over a dune as the sun is setting…I have lots of wedding ones and newborn images I love, but favourites are the personal ones for me!

The set of images you took.. using our Labour of love headpiece with the wild fires in the background.. can you tell us about the idea behind them?

“Labour of Love” headpiece

So I had come back from working in Scotland for 2 weeks. I did one wedding, 2 newborn workshops and about 30 portrait sessions. I was drained. I had just finished all my editing and wanted to be creative. So my daughter was willing to be my model. We loved the Labour of Love headpiece and wanted to bring it into the session. I also had seen this amazing location when out running most days and as the sun set across the bushes I knew it would be awesome for a shoot. I brought along a maternity dress and one of Daisy’s own dresses and headed out to this location for the golden hour. We just played around and it was only about 30 minutes of shooting but was so perfect for what I had wanted to get.

Best thing about living in Scotland? ….and Australia?

Scotland – My family are all there. I do miss them although over time you get used to not having any help or support with your own family. I guess not having any support has made me even more independent and I just get on with it all now. But going home and seeing all my family (I have 4 siblings and 13 nieces and nephews) it is such a laugh. I also love the shopping in Scotland and Glasgow for eating and going out! Australia – where do I begin? I just love it here.

Linzie, thank so much for taking the time to answer these questions, I know how precious your time is, being a busy working Mum. You blew me away with these styled session images using our Labour of Love headpiece. I look forward to working with you again in the future!

“Labour of Love” headpiece

Linzie’s work can be found on her beautiful website