Wild Thistle props – a little about us

One from our family album


Wild Thistle was established in 2011,  by Lian & her uber talented Mum, aka Nana Kitty. Previously known as Kitty’s Boutique- styled session props until early 2017.

Nana Kitty, started off making props for her drama club, and was accepted in to Glasgow school of Art. Her love of knitting, sewing, crocheting and proper prop making was with her from a very early age. Nana K, also spent time running her own business making bespoke interiors & wedding dresses. It is at our romper collection, she now excels herself at, and makes all her own patterns.

Lian is a  mother of three, a lover of vintage & quirky. All our headbands and halos are made by her, as well as website updating, customer queries, custom ordering, product images, stock ordering, social media , packing..tying the final bows and all that jazz.



“My Wild” halo collection

We are very much a cottage industry business, we do not mass produce. Everything is made either by Lian, or her Mum.

We have limited custom order slots in the month. These are filled by talking to our customers, engaging with them and finding out what they like. We are lucky to be able to call some of our customers friends, although love getting to know our ever growing new customer base too!

It is important to us at Wild Thistle props, that our customers feel as though they are getting a unique item, which is crafted with love.



handmade, hand crafted, with hints of boho, bling or whimsy

Our collections include ;

Beautifully Boho collection, a range of props with a bohemian vibe.

The Opulence collection – hint of sparkle, bling, silks and just general opulence.

The “My Wild” halo range – props inspired by nature. Hand selected flora & foliage

Wild Thistle props, make props for newborns, children & occasionally adults.  We use premium quality fabrics & materials. Ethically sourced feathers , organic, environmentally friendly GOTS certified fabrics wherever possible.



So why the Name change?

We started Kitty’s Boutique in 2011, while Lian was on maternity leave. Over the years our product range has evolved and changed so much and we wanted something that would represent that.

We live in Ayrshire & are those kind of patriotic people who just love Scotland, we wanted something that would reflect this. We both bore easily and have been known to be a little bit wild with a soul of a bohemian…Again, the name reflects this.

Taken from our family album


Wild Thistle props – styled session photography props for seekers of the unique